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Financial Aid for 24-Year-Old Returning to class?

Question: I am 24 years and desire to be in college this season. I made a yearly income of $25,000. Will I qualify for school funding of $12,000?

At age 24, you’ll be considered an «Independent Student,» which means that universities will look of them costing only your income along with other financial resources and superiorpapers com review can perhaps not add those of one’s parents. For some 24-year-olds, this is very good news, they will qualify for far more financial aid than if the parents’ figures were included in the aid calculation since it usually means.


Your yearly earnings of $25,000 should signify your EFC (Expected household share) is low and that you’ll be eligible for a educational funding to help make up the difference between your share and the superior papers com price of your training.

You can estimate your EFC through the use of a calculator that is online as that one: http://apps.collegeboard.com/fincalc/efc_welcome.jsp make sure to check always both superiorpapers com review «Federal’ and «Institutional» methodology in the questionnaire because this can reflect the varying techniques the universities on your own list may determine your economic need.

In the event that you already fully know where you’re applying, determine when your university calls for just the FAFSA kind or also the CSS Profile type. Then the «Federal Methodology» EFC will apply to you if your college does NOT superior essay require the Profile. Then the «Institutional Methodology» EFC will be a reasonable approximation of what you will be expected to pay if your college DOES require the Profile.

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